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The International Lingayat Youth Forum (iLYF) was founded to provide a strong platform of development and welfare for the youth of the nation, irrespective of their caste, creed or colour.

Since as long as written history can bare witness, India has been a melting pot of culture, contributing to our rich heritage. Believing in the values that were imbibed in us by our ancestors, we seek to build a strong community of Indian professionals, entrepreneurs and academics from all over the world. A community which encourages a positive exchange of knowledge, thoughts and ideas, a community which recognizes and helps those in need, and finally a community which aims to uplift our society as a whole and contribute to our nation’s prosperity.


To create the World’s most dynamic, engaging, influential forum for the growth of the Lingayat community


The International Lingayat Youth Forum seeks to unite the Global Community of Lingayat Entrepreneurs, Academics & Professionals with a drive to enrich their lives through learning and networking and contribute for the collective growth of the community.

Vision & Mission

Our Code of Honour


We stand united to face the world! Differences are healthy-we acknowledge and bridge them with our compassion. We stand by each other in good times and bad times without being judgmental. We believe that in unity lies our strength.

ILYF Encourage


We encourage our peers to keep pushing the boundaries of their personal strengths and overcome their weaknesses without prejudice or jealousy. We use all available resources to propel our peers to heights of success in their professional and personal lives that would not have been possible on their own.

Encouraging you to Achieve beyond your Imagination!


Only the fittest survive. We are open-minded to new ideas and fearless to challenge conventions. No matter who we are, there is more to learn and achieve all our lives. Taking risks in in our DNA and failures are celebrated as we learn from them. We refuse to lose. Failure is not an option. We never waver in our instinct to succeed in every aspect of our lives.

ILYF Evolve
ILYF Respect


We are proud of our Country, our Heritage, our Culture, our Elders and our Women. We will not or let anyone else denigrate them. With respect and trust, we create a positive environment for our peers to share, learn and grow.


We lead our life with integrity. We have the courage to do the right thing even if the path is more difficult. Our reputation is our life and we guard it with a passion. We are not content to work for our own needs, we work towards a higher goal of leaving a legacy that is positive for all.

ILYF Exemplify

Our Logo

Our Logo

One look at our logo explains everything we stand for. From stripes that bring out our unity in diversity and an upward spiral to indicate progress, it sends a strong message to all that only a collective effort can benefit the community as a whole.

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