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There is no shortage of opportunities in a country as large as ours, with young entrepreneurs in recent years taking the market by storm to create a new business environment for everyone.

We have taken up the initiative to create opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to explore and expand their businesses through our iLead programme. Our goal is to allow entrepreneurs to flourish with freedom and perform to the best of their abilities, modelling themselves as leaders for younger generations to look up to. We conduct venture capital funding events and seminars on entrepreneurship and leadership while supporting entrepreneurs in managing businesses with confidence and responsibility.

I lead Activities

Angel investments and Funding at BGC on 15th September from Gaurav of Capital Float . Ajay Alur and Santosh Kenchamba did a great job , 100 + members participated followed by Networking cocktail dinner
Working Capital Problems from Capital Float on Oct 8th at KSBA , Ajay Alur & team handled it well followed by networking dinner
Financial Fitness by the Women’s Wing on 4th Feb 2017 at Bland Space , Sadashiv Nagar , Speakers : Preetha C, Anu Seth & Vinita Jain , thanks to Aruna Satish and team
Rediscover your winning Edge at Java Rain Resort on 18th Feb 2017 , lots of fun activities on people management & individual profile management from Joy Vergese & team followed by a bonding event , thank you Shiv & Shuba , Santosh , Veeru & team
Smart City – Tumkur on 4th April 2017 , Sudeep from O3 Capital spoke well. Thank you Santosh , Naveen & Veerendra S

Past Event

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