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The firm hands that guide our association on the path to success, our executive committee provides an outlet for our best work.

WIth our vision in firm focus, the members of our executive committee steer the ship towards a bright future, navigating around every challenge along the way. They are the catalysts for change, so crucial to any association’s success, constantly working on new ideas and encouraging growth within and beyond our association. Leading by example, they inspire us to action, encouraging a healthy exchange of ideas and initiating programmes to develop future leaders.


Shivaprasad T.P.

Pruthvi Kumar H.P.
President & Trustee

Netravati Channappa
Vice President

Prathap Aradhya

Aruna Satish
Joint Secretary

Seema Harsha

Vikram Karachur

Girish Baga

Avinash Pallegar
EC Member & Trustee

Executive Committee

Praveen Choudri
EC Member

Nishanth Hiremath
EC Member

Aparna Pavate
EC Member

Prashath Siddalingappa
EC Member

Satish Bangalore
EC Member

Nanda Kumar
EC Member

Manjunath P.M.
EC Member