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As a group of driven professionals and academics, it is our prerogative to ensure the best of our knowledge and abilities are shared with the wider community to encourage collective growth.

We conduct events through iLYF’s 4 i’s, Our events are open to people of all walks of life, and we welcome you with open arms to join us in creating a more peaceful and harmonious society for everyone.

  • iShare, where we aim to open new avenues for students to explore through discussions and seminars.
  • iLead, where we create business opportunities and support fresh entrepreneurs in their endeavours.
  • iCare, where we contribute to a healthier society through public screening and blood donation camps.
  • iBond, where we actively encourage interaction amongst our members so we can grow closer as a group.
Avenue of opportunity for iLYERS to give back to society and improve the quality of life of fellow citizens.
Avenue of opportunity for iLYERS to network, guide, and promote business prospects with fellow members.
Avenue of opportunity for iLYERS to strengthen the future of our youth though career counseling, guidance, and leadership development programs.
Avenue of opportunity for iLYERS to understand and build strong bonds of friendship with fellow members.