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A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, they said. Well said indeed, for its only a healthy mind and body that can make the most of its abilities and effect positive change.

Being strongly committed to helping us move forward as a nation, iLYF ensures participation of its members in contributing to better healthcare in India. Thanks to our reach within the field of healthcare, we are able to gather the resources needed to conduct blood donation camps, awareness camps and free screening camps to help eradicate diseases.

I – Care Activities

Blood Donation Reliance corporate office on July 2016 , Cunningham road 30 Units was collected . Thank you Dr Nishanth Hiremath
Blood donation Camp at Ambedkar Stadium,basaveshwar Nagar on 6th August 2016 , Thank you Aruna Sampige and team also the sponsors . There was 116 units of blood collected.
Blood donation at Whitefield