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iLYF-Charitable trust and its members are dedicated to the cause of building and nurturing a community that encourages a confluence of knowledge and ideas and contribute to India’s progress.

We are driven by our desire to play a part in building a healthy, prosperous nation that is looked upon for inspiration and none of this can be achieved without the support of our members around the world. Our charitable trust, under the aegis of our Office Bearers and Trustees, has consistently worked with our members to conduct programmes aimed at benefitting students in schools and colleges across the country, while blood donation and awareness camps are conducted to help those in dire need.

Different Types of Membership

  • Patron Membership (which is lifetime and membership fee is INR 50000)
  • Ordinary Membership (which is year membership and the fee is INR 5000, after a year renewal of INR 2500 should be paid)